Brother Quilting Contest 2018

The Theme for the Contest is

"My Favourite Things"

How to Enter

  1. Complete the entry form below, a copy will be emailed to you
  2. Pay the R100 entry fee and attach the proof of payment to your entry form
  3. Read the Quilt Requirements carefully
  4. Be sure to send your Quilt, Entry Form and Proof of Payment to arrive with us no later that 15 October 2018 to be eligible

2018 Quilt Contest requirements

All quilts must conform to the following criteria to be eligible for the Contest:

  • The THEME for 2018 is “My Favourite Things”
  • The quilt should be 70 x 70cm (within 5cm)
  • Quilts should consist of 3 complete layers; top fabric, quilting cotton and back fabric; all sewn together
  • Use any quilting technique but do not frame your quilt
  • A hanging sleeve of 10cm must be sewn on to accommodate the hanging pole
  • A label with your name, contact number, email address and country must be sewn onto the back in the bottom right hand corner
  • Your quilt must be an original artwork
  • Do not use copyrighted material without permission
  • Your quilt may not have been entered in any other contests
  • You may enter more than one quilt
  • Each quilt entered requires a separate entry form and entry fee.

Packing your Quilt

  • Please ensure your quilt is securely wrapped and packaged to avoid damage while in transit
  • Packaging should be waterproof
  • Make sure your Entry Form and Proof of Payment is included in the package.

Delivering your Quilt

All quilts must be received at Brother Head Office in Irene by Monday, 15 October 2018. Quilts can be delivered by hand, post or courier to:

Angelique McGrath, Brother Head Office, 96 Sovereign Drive, Route 21 Corporate Park, Irene, 0157

You may send more than one quilt in the same package. Please ensure that EACH quilt has an entry form and proof of payment attached.

Please note:

  • All costs of quilt delivery to be covered by the entrant
  • Brother International South Africa will not be responsible for quilts lost or damaged during transit
  • We will confirm receipt of your Quilt package by email, please ensure we have your correct email address
  • Do not send your quilt to any other address other than Brother Head Office. Brother South Africa will not be liable for quilts that are shipped to the incorrect address.

Entry Form

Please note:  If you are submitting more than 1 quilt to the Contest, you will need to complete an Entry Form PER QUILT and pay the entry fee PER QUILT entered. Quilts may be packed together with their relevant documents.




My Sewing DealerSocial MediaDigital AdvertisingAt an EventAt a Quilting ClassBrother Web SiteWord of MouthOther


A copy of your entry form will be emailed to you on submission and bank details will be provided in the same email. Please remember to print it and attach proof of payment of the Entry Fee. Copies of both must be printed and submitted with your quilt before 15 October 2018.


Our South African judging panel will select 5 winning quilts from the entries submitted. The winners will receive cash prizes:

  • 1st Prize of R3,000
  • 2nd Prize of R2,000
  • 3rd Prize of R1,000

Two additional awards will be made for quilts displaying a particular uniqueness. These awards will be made at the judges discretion.

  • These quilts will be awarded R500 each.

A lucky draw will also take place where one lucky entrant will win a mystery prize.

Terms & Conditions

Please take note of the following Terms & Conditions:


  • The Contest is open to residents of South Africa and sub-Saharan African Countries
  • Brother staff members, dealers and distributors are NOT eligible to enter the contest
  • Each quilt entered requires a separate entry form and entry fee
  • No cash will be accepted at Brother premises
  • More than one quilt may be submitted in the same package
  • Entries must reach Brother Head Office, Irene, on or before 15 October 2018
  • Quilts received after the closing date will not be eligible for judging
  • Quilts must conform to the design criteria listed under Quilt Requirements


  • Judges will be selected from the Quilting community and announced at a later stage
  • Brother staff members and distributors will not be on the judging panel
  • Judging will take place in one location only.


  • The closing date for entries is 15 October at Brother Head Office. Quilts received after this time will not be eligible for the contest
  • If the entry fee is not paid by the closing date, the quilt will not be eligible for the contest
  • Winners will be announced in the first week of November.

PRIZE WINNERS – South Africa

  • The top 5 winning quilts as adjudicated by the Judges will win cash prizes
  • These quilts will be entered into the 18th Annual Brother Quilting Contest in Japan
  • Quilts not selected as winners in the South African contest will be available for collection from 12 November or will be shipped back to the entrants

PRIZE WINNERS – Global Contest

  • The 5 winning quilts will be sent to Japan and entered into the 18th Annual Brother Quilting Contest
  • Evaluation of the Global Contest will take place end of December and winners will be notified by February 2019, latest
  • Winning quilts will be displayed at various Brother International events during 2019 before being returned
  • Quilts not selected as winners in the Global Contest will be returned to South Africa in March 2019
  • Entrants agree that the rights to display, publish and advertise winning quilts is retained by Brother Industries, LTD.
  • In order to return your quilt, please ensure your contact details are clearly stated on your Entry Form as well as on your quilt.

Winners from the 17th Annual Brother Global Quilting Contest

Buds and eyes Ayoda Ryoko Gold

Buds and Eyes by Ayoda Ryoko, Gold Winner 2017

Yuriko Umeda shining in space Silver

Shining in Space by Yuriko Umeda, Silver Winner 2017

Firebird (Flamingo) Ruijin Ball (China) Bronze

Firebird (Flamingo) by Ruijin Ball, Bronze Winner 2017

Birth of Hearts Chiko Okamoto Japan Bronze

Birth of Hearts by Chiko Okamoto, Bronze Winner 2017