Handmade with Love and a Brother Sewing machine this Easter. Take a look at our great savings on these Brother Sewing & Embroidery machines from now until 9 April, while stocks last.
  • Sale!

    GS3700 Sewing Machine

    37 Stitches, Free Arm Sewing

    R3,250.00 R3,000.00

  • Sale!

    Innov-is A150 Computerised Sewing Machine

    150 Stitches, 10 Buttonholes

    R8,650.00 R7,600.00

  • Sale!

    Innov-is NV18e Embroidery Machine

    100 x 100mm, 80 Patterns, 10 Fonts

    R12,300.00 R11,000.00

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GS3700 Sewing Machine