Home Label Printers

There are many applications for a durable Brother label around the home or small office so your portable Brother labelling machine is perfect for keeping track of school items, marking food containers and clothing, and labelling folders, stationery and filing trays and you’ll even find it useful for your craft projects. Next time label it and ensure that everything is kept tidy and organised in the home.

Keeping your home organised

Ideal for personal use around the home or in any small office. Plus, with our range of creative tapes and ribbons, you'll find a use for our home label printers in your craft room too.


P-touch Label Printers

Brother’s labelling solutions help to ensure everything stays in perfect order. Brother TZe tapes are available in a wide selection of colours and widths and are laminated, durable and ready to withstand whatever home life throws at them.

M-Tape Label Printers

Bring some imagination into your home with the PT-M95 personal labeller. Built with creative but organised types in mind, the easy-to-use Brother P-Touch M95 Personal Labeller features a handy Deco Mode for those jobs where a little imagination is in order.

  • PT-P300BT

    Prints 6-12mm, Bluetooth with App

    SRPPricing is VAT inclusive
    Pricing is indicative only
    R1,400.00 - R1,500.00

  • PT-D210

    Prints 6-12mm, TZe Tapes

    SRPPricing is VAT inclusive
    Pricing is indicative only
    R1,100.00 - R1,200.00

  • PT-H110

    Prints 6-12mm, TZe Tapes

    SRPPricing is VAT inclusive
    Pricing is indicative only
    R800.00 - R1,000.00

  • PT-M95

    Prints 9-12mm, M-Tape only

    SRPPricing is VAT inclusive
    Pricing is indicative only
    R700.00 - R900.00


Brother Genuine Labels & Tapes

Brother Genuine supplies have been developed to work reliably with Brother labelling machines and label printers to provide high-quality, consistent output. For the best results, we recommend using only Brother Genuine supplies.

Keep track of important items

Clearly labelling items in your home ensures you can locate important information and items quickly. And with a range of Brother tape cassettes available in various colours and materials for multiple applications, you have the ideal labelling solution for all of your belongings.

Home Labelling Applications

Choose from a range of durable TZe Tapes and Ribbons

Fabric Tape Application
Home School Application
School Items
Home Kitchen Application
Home Garage Application
Home Garden Application

Durable, laminated labels indoors and out

With a Brother label printer at your side, everything in your home can be labelled and neatly organised. Print labels up to 12mm wide in a range of colours and patterns, plus add creative frames and graphics from the built-in styles on the label printers.


Brother Design&Print App

Brother P-touch Design&Print is a free application that enables you to design and print labels from your smartphone/tablet to the Brother P-touch PT-P300BT and PT-P710BT label printer using Bluetooth technology.


Quality labels that go the distance

Brother label printers are the go-to labelling solution for durable, laminated labels for all sorts of home, outdoor and crafting applications. Our range of label printers has been designed to help you everywhere from school gear and home storage to the garden and garage.


Tested to the Extreme

We are certain of the durability of our labels because we've tested them to the extreme, against the effects of water, abrasion, temperature, chemicals and sunlight. Results prove that Brother laminated labels stay legible and stay stuck so you can be confident of a professional quality label that has been designed to last.

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