TZe Laminated Tapes

TZe Laminated Tapes are available in a variety of sizes and colours up to 36mm with over 60 variants to choose from. They are perfect for everyday indoor and outdoor, home and office labelling requirements.

Next time label it with a durable TZe laminated tape designed to last

Specifically designed for the P-touch range of label printers, our laminated TZe tapes have been tested to stand up to even the most unforgiving conditions. With excellent resistance to water, abrasion, chemicals and temperature extremes, they’ll never let you down.

Standard Adhesive Tapes

6mm to 36mm

TZe standard laminated tapes feature our standard adhesive which is designed for flat surfaces like office paper, file folders, and binders, and most flat, non-textured metal, plastic and glass surfaces.

Pro Tapes Range

9mm to 36mm

The Brother Pro Tape range has been developed and tested to meet the needs of professionals who require dependable, durable, long term identification solutions. Brother Pro Tapes are tough and dependable.

Decorative Tapes & Ribbons

12mm and 24mm

Brother TZe Decorative tapes and satin ribbons add a personal touch to gifts, cards and crafts and many home labelling applications. Choose from matt or gloss laminated tapes or 5 ribbon variants.

Choose the right TZe Laminated Tapes for your labelling applications

There is a TZe laminated tape for every labelling application you can think of, and even some you can’t!

Standard Adhesive Tapes

6mm to 36mm

TZe standard laminated tapes feature our standard adhesive which is designed for flat surfaces like office paper, file folders, and binders, and most flat, non-textured metal, plastic and glass surfaces.

Fluorescent Tapes

12mm and 24mm

TZe Fluorescent tape is ideal for displaying important information, creating warning signs or categorising equipment. Ensure that important items can be quickly identified in any emergency situation.

Flexible ID Tapes

9mm, 12mm and 24mm

Brother TZe Flexible-ID tapes are laminated for durability. They are an ideal solution for rounded edges and flagging of electrical wiring and audiovisual cables.

Strong Adhesive Tapes

6mm to 36mm

Use Extra Strength Adhesive tapes for labelling on uneven and rough-textured surfaces, slippery painted metal, plastic surfaces and surfaces exposed to harsh environments.

Iron-on Fabric Tapes


Ensure clothing is not lost and that lab coats or other workwear are returned to the correct place at the end of the day. Fabric tape contains a special adhesive that melts when heat is applied.

Security Tape


This tamper evident security tape features our exclusive laminated tape process and a special tell-tale adhesive. If the label is removed, a checkerboard pattern is left behind on the item.

Matt Laminated Tapes


TZe matt laminated tapes are perfect for identifying the contents of file folders, shelves, filing cabinets and storage boxes. The matt finish means there’s no risk of glare on the text.

Pastel Tapes


Select from these pastel colours for your crafts, cards, gifts or home organising projects. These pretty combinations will stick to virtually any surface and won’t fade or tear.

Pattern Tapes


Pattern tapes add a fun element to crafts, cards and gifts and because they are matt laminated you can feel confident that your labels will be well-protected from damage.

Satin Ribbons

12mm and 24mm

Add a personal touch to gifts, cards and crafts with these non-adhesive, decorative satin ribbons. With a luxury shiny finish this non-adhesive fabric ribbon is perfect for gift-wrapping and crafting.

Premium Tapes

12mm and 24mm

The sparkling colour background gives a premium feel to name badges and signs, and makes it a great addition to customise your crafts, cards and gifts.

Acid-free Tapes


TZe Acid-free adhesive tapes are safe for photo-labelling, scrapbooking and other photo-sensitive materials. These acid-free labels are laminated for added durability.

Labels put to the test

We put Brother tapes to the test to showcase just how durable they are. Thanks to our laminated tape technology they are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Take a look at our video to see how they got on.

Eco-friendly P-touch tape

Brother TZe Laminated Tapes are designed to help you stay organised, and offer great eco-credentials too. We know you care about the environment so we have improved our P-touch tape range to be more environmentally friendly, now and into the future.

TZe tapes have eco-friendly packaging and we have reduced the weight of plastic in the cassette by 15%. The cassette case contains at least 5% recycled material.

By reducing the weight of plastic in the cassette case and providing eco-friendly packaging, we can make a significant 12% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to previous TZe Laminated Tapes.

TZe Standard Adhesive Laminated Tapes Tested-to-the-extreme

Tested to the Extreme

Brother P-touch TZe Laminated Tapes consist of 6 layers of materials, resulting in a thin, yet extremely strong label. The thermal transfer ink is sandwiched between two protective layers of PET (polyester film), which protects the text against the effects of liquids, abrasion, temperature, chemicals and sunlight.

As these labels have been tested to the extreme, you can be confident of a professional quality label that has been designed to last.

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