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5-Year Printer Warranty

Effective date: 1 June 2020

With effect, 1 June 2020, when you purchase a Brother printer or multifunction centre and our genuine inks or toners, we’ll support you every step of the way with our 5-year printer warranty commitment, either On-site or Carry-in. You do not need to register your product, our warranty is automatic when you purchase your Brother printer.

All Brother warranties are for products sold in South Africa only.

5-Year Warranty Seal - On-Site
5-Year On-site Warranty for most Laser Printers and all A3 Inkjet Printers. Check your model number below
Effective 1 June 2020 for products purchased in South Africa
5-Year Warranty Seal - Carry In
5-Year Carry-In Warranty for HL-1210W, DCP-1610W and MFC-1910W Mono Laser Printers
Effective 1 June 2020 for products purchased in South Africa
5-Year Warranty Seal - Carry In 50k
5-Year/50,000 Page Carry-in Warranty for DCP-T710W and MFC-T910W Ink Tank Printers
Effective 1 June 2020 for products purchased in South Africa
5-Year Warranty Seal - Carry In 30k
5-Year/30,000 Page Carry-in Warranty for DCP-T510W and DCP-T310 Ink Tank Printers
Effective 1 June 2020 for products purchased in South Africa
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Mustek Limited Service Partner

Both the Brother 3-Year and 5-Year printer warranties are serviced by long-time channel partner and distributor of Brother printers in South Africa, Mustek Limited. With over 30 years in the ICT arena and a nationwide footprint of 10 branches and on-site support technicians, Mustek is committed to providing technical support and service of the highest quality to ensure customer satisfaction. With Brother, you can have peace of mind that we are always “At Your Side”.

To keep a Brother printer running in optimal condition we recommend using only Brother Genuine Consumables and customers must be aware of routine maintenance as prescribed per product. Don’t ever switch off a Brother inkjet printer as it requires to do its own print head maintenance and never ignore a Brother printer requesting a replacement part. Using a Brother printer for the purpose intended and within its specifications will ensure that the warranty remains in force for the duration of its product lifecycle.

Subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions of the claims procedures, the product will be repaired at no charge for parts and labour. Only faults that are a consequence of manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship will qualify for FREE repairs. All replaced parts or products become the property of Brother.

3 year printer info

3-Year Printer Warranty

Effective date: 1 October 2016 to 31 May 2020

Brother printers purchased between 1 October 2016 and 31 May 2020 are covered by our 3-year printer warranty, either on-site or carry-in. These 3-year warranties remain unchanged and are still in force. The warranty is automatically applied at the time of purchase. Your serial number and proof of purchase are all that is required to make a warranty claim.

All Brother warranties are for products sold in South Africa only.

The Warranty Type for each model is listed below:

On-site Warranty

Inkjet Multifunction

  • MFC-J2330DW
  • MFC-J3530DW
  • MFC-J3930DW

Colour Laser Printers

  • HL-3210CW
  • HL-L8360CDW

Colour Laser Multifunction Centres

  • DCP-L3551CDW
  • MFC-L3750CDW
  • MFC-L8690CDW
  • MFC-L9570CDW
On-site Warranty

Mono Laser Printers

  • HL-L2365DW
  • HL-L5200DW
  • HL-L6400DW

Mono Laser Multifunction Centres

  • MFC-L2700DW
  • MFC-L2740DW
  • MFC-L5700DN
  • MFC-L5900DW
  • MFC-L6900DW

Laser Fax Machine

  • Fax-2840
Carry-in Warranty

Mono Laser Printers

  • HL-1210W

Mono Laser Multifunction Centres

  • DCP-1610W
  • MFC-1910W
30,000 Pages Carry-in Warranty

Ink Tank Printer Series

  • DCP-T310
  • DCP-T510W
50,000 Pages Carry-in Warranty

Ink Tank Printer Series

  • DCP-T710W
  • MFC-T910DW

This is a representation of our current line-up of Printers and Multi-function Centres. It is possible that some models not shown still carry a 3-year warranty.

Additional Warranty Information

How to make a claim under this warranty

To make a claim under this warranty you will need to:

  1. Contact the National Technical Support Centre number on 086 000 2929 to register your claim.
  2. Based on the warranty type, a technician will either be sent to you for our On-site Warranty or you may be directed to your nearest Technical Support Centre here if your product has a Carry-in Warranty.
  3. Have your product serial number and proof of purchase ready for the claim process.
  4. Follow the instructions for your Warranty type below.

Warranty Types

Carry-in Warranty

  • Where the Warranty Type is Carry-In, you will be responsible for transporting the warranted product for service (including packaging, transportation and insurance costs) to and from a Technical Support Centre here. Damage caused during transportation by failing to package the product correctly will not be covered by this warranty
  • You will need to include your proof of purchase with the product
  • The typical repair time is two to four business days and is based on parts availability
  • Once your product has been repaired you will be advised regarding collection
  • Please note that should a quotation be attached to any repair, the work will only be carried out once the quotation has been accepted.

On-site Warranty

  • Where the Warranty Type is On-site, a Technical Support Centre technician will be sent to you once a serial number and proof of purchase has been supplied
  • We will endeavour to have a next business day service in major centres and three days in outlying areas
  • Our Technical Support Centre will advise you on timing of On-site repairs or return of your product in case of a product that can only be repaired at the Technical Support Centre
  • Please note that should a quotation be attached to any repair, the work will only be carried out once the quotation has been accepted.

Warranty Exclusions and Limitations

This section applies to the extent permitted by law and only covers genuine Brother products imported by Brother South Africa (PTY) LTD.

  • This warranty does not include replacement of accessories and consumable items, cleaning, normal wear and tear, damage caused by accident, neglect, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation, acts of nature (including but not limited to lightning, flood, earthquake and fire), operation of product outside the manufacturer specifications, foreign matter entering the product such as liquid, moisture, insect infestation or dirt or any damage caused from service, maintenance, modification or tampering by anyone other than a Brother Technical Support Centre, or with the use of supplies, consumable items, or add on products that are non-genuine Brother products. More detail here.


Products presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished products of the same type, rather than being replaced. Replacement or repairing of the product or part thereof does not extend or restart the Warranty Term. If a product presented for repair is capable of retaining user-generated data, you are advised that the repair of the product may result in loss of this data.


Brother, its Technical Support Centres or authorised on site technicians, may seek reimbursement from you of any reasonable costs incurred by them if the products are found to be in good working order, the problem is not a consequence of a defect or manufacturing fault or where any of the warranty exclusions and limitations apply. Reasonable costs may include travel costs and parts and/or labour costs for on-site service, the costs of packaging, insurance and transportation for return-to-base service and parts and labour.

Your Rights as a Consumer

This section applies if you acquire the warranted products as a consumer as defined in the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (“CPA”).

The benefits provided under the CPA supersede any rights and remedies that you may have in terms of our manufacturer’s warranty in relation to our products. In terms of the CPA, should our products fail to meet the implied warranty of authority contained in the CPA, you are entitled within a period of 6 months after delivery to a repair, replacement or refund in respect of the product (Subject to the other provisions of the CPA).

For details about the South African Consumer Law please see the following link: