Calligraphy Starter Kit

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ScanNCut SDX1200 Accessory Starter Kit


With two chisel tipped angle options and three calligraphy pens, you’ll have the ability to create a variety of personalised greeting cards, gift tags and embellished envelopes. Your projects are sure to stand out with the italic font and 30 calligraphy patterns also included! Be sure to check out our calligraphy pen sets in Basic, Essential & Tropical (Sold Separately)

Keep your activation card handy to unlock the templates on Canvas Workspace. You’ll need a PC, internet access and a USB memory device or Wi-Fi to get started.




For use with Brother ScanNCut SDX1200, the Calligraphy Starter Kit has everything you need to get started creating beautiful calligraphy projects. With two chisel-tipped angle options and three basic colour calligraphy pens included in the box, you’ll have the ability to create a variety of personalised greeting cards, gift tags, and embellished envelopes.

With italic fonts and calligraphy patterns included, creating personalised greeting cards, gift tags or wedding decor is easy. There are also 20 calligraphy sentiments and 10 calligraphy flourishes and borders included.

Simply insert one of the calligraphy pens into the pen holder (both included), select a font, insert your text and watch as the ScanNCut SDX1200 brings your design to life! For best results, be sure to use only the materials provided with this kit for your ScanNCut SDX1200.

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What’s in the box?

  • 1x Calligraphy pen holder
  • 1x Calligraphy stand
  • 1x Pen Adjuster A (for a 3.5mm pen tip) *
  • 1x Pen Adjuster B (for 2.0mm pen tip)
  • 1x Black Calligraphy pen
  • 1x Blue Calligraphy pen
  • 1x Carmine Red Calligraphy pen
  • 1x Activation card for access to Italic front and 30 calligraphy patterns
  • 1x Sample card (178mm x 127mm)
  • 1x Envelope for sample card (184mm x 133mm)

*Pen adjuster A (for a 3.5mm pen tip) is attached to the calligraphy stand

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