Embossing Starter Kit

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ScanNCut Accessory Starter Kit


The ScanNCut Embossing Starter Kit accessory lets you create a deeper embossing effect on a variety of papers and most metallic sheets. Get creative and make unique projects with both line embossing and region embossing. Keep your activation card handy to unlock the templates on Canvas Workspace or even make your own. You’ll need a PC, internet access and a USB memory device or Wi-Fi to get started on exciting projects with the ScanNCut Embossing Starter Kit.


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The ScanNCut Embossing Starter Kit from Brother gives your crafts that extra edge. Create unique projects with both line embossing and region embossing. Featuring 50 embossing designs on Canvas Workspace, plus the ability to create your own patterns, you can really make an impression with your projects. Use the gold or bronze metal sheets included in the box or any other paper you desire with your ScanNCut CM550DX, CM900 and SDX1200 and Embossing Starter Kit accessory. For best results, be sure to use only the materials provided with this kit.

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What’s in the box?

  • 2 x Metal sheets (Bronze and Silver)
  • Embossing tools
  • 1 x Embossing mat: 8″ x 6″ (200mm x 150mm)
  • 1 x Template Sheet: 12×12” (305 x 305mm)
  • 1 x Scanning support sheet
  • Activation card for CanvasWorkspace to access 50 different embossing patterns
  • Instruction sheet
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Carve your creativity!

The ScanNCut Embossing Starter Kit accessory has all you need to decorate your projects with both intriguing and beautiful embossed designs. Unlock your creative potential with everything you need  included in the starter kit’s box, like bronze and silver metal sheets, embossing tools, a template and scanning support sheet as well as embossing mat. The Embossing Starter Kit is compatible with both the ScanNCut CM Range and SDX1200 machines.

Make a great first impression!

Create beautifully embossed designs and patterns for your jewellery boxes, picture frames, gift bags, birthday cards, stationary and much more! This starter kit is perfect to emboss anything you need onto a variety of materials, like paper and most metal sheets. Make sure to have your activation card handy as well as a WiFi connection in order to access CanvasWorkspace, where you will be able to retrieve 50 different embossing patterns.

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Line Embossing with the Embossing Starter Kit


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