SC-2000USB StampCreator Pro

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Stamp Creation System for custom-designed, pre-inked stamps


The Brother SC-2000USB StampCreator Pro System turns signatures, graphics, text, clip art, photographs and logos into pre-inked stamps while you wait. Stamps can help people get through their every day job faster and easier, but most do not ever plan ahead to buy a stamp. With the Brother SC-2000USB StampCreator Pro you will be able to create stamps in minutes, even while your customer waits. A Brother stamp is designed to stand up to everyday office use. It features the highest quality components to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service and reliability.


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With the innovative software, virtually anything visible on a computer monitor can be incorporated into a custom designed, professional pre-inked stamp with the SC-2000USB StampCreator Pro System’s proprietary 600dpi technology.

The Brother SC-2000USB StampCreator Pro System is an additional profit opportunity for anyone in printing, stationery, mailing, copying, office equipment or other stamp-related businesses.

Powerful software offers digital photo image support and provides a wide variety of drawing tools to create the most advanced visual effects. Use your existing PC, fonts, scanner, clip art and digital camera for high quality 600dpi graphic stamps. No experience is necessary as the Stampcreator PRO comes with dedicated stamp software included.

SC-2000USB Stampcreator PRO will enable you to impose images onto rubber stamp surfaces. After you create the image on your computer and insert the text, the rest of the process will take just a few minutes. Ink never touches your fingers as the process is dry and absolutely clean.

Stampcreator Solutions

Effortless Stamp Creation

Make professional, custom designed, pre-inked stamps in minutes. Packed with features, the SC-2000USB StampCreator Pro means business. Turn signatures, graphics, text, clip art, photographs and logo’s into pre-inked stamps while your customers wait

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Key Features

  • 11 Different stamp sizes
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue and Black
  • Over 150 preformatted designs
  • Supports all truetype fonts
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and convenient
  • While-u-wait service opportunity
  • Quick and clean production process
  • Up to 50,000 impressions per stamp
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The StampCreator PRO means business

While you Wait

Create pre-inked stamps in minutes. Thanks to Brother’s ink formula, the stamp will be ready to go after a short curing time

Quick and Clean

There is no messy process involved. You can make stamps without seeing or touching the ink

Easy to Use

Reduce waiting time and mistakes by proof-reading and making corrections before printing

Compact and Convenient

All you need is a 300 x 600mm table top beside your properly equipped PC and you’re in business

SC2000 Feature
SC2000 Profit Image

Profit Opportunity

The Brother StampCreator Pro System is a profit making opportunity for anyone in printing, stationery, office equipment or other stamp related businesses.

  • Create stamps in minutes while your customer waits
  • Perfect for starting your own business or complementing an existing business
  • Offer an “Express Service” with no additional floorspace required
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Peace of Mind. Guaranteed.

When you purchase a Brother StampCreator Pro Stamp Creation System and our genuine accessories, we’ll support you every step of the way with our FREE 2-year warranty commitment. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT, our warranty is automatic when you purchase your Brother machine. To keep your Brother machine in optimal condition we recommend using only Brother Genuine accessories, this will ensure you automatically enjoy our exclusive 2-year warranty.

Additional information

Hardware Type

Stampcreator Pro

System Hardware

Xenon Flash Technology plus Micro Porous Rubber USB interface
Create a pre-inked stamp in about 3 minutes
Professional quality 600 dpi print resolution
ID label creation
Draft positive master sheet holder up to 50 sheet magazine
ID label slot and exit
Easy to operate switches and LCD display
Automatic stamp size sensors


Import BMP, TIF, JPEG, GIF, ICO, DIB, WMF files with your PC
Supports all true type fonts
Digital photo image support
Superior graphics drawing functions
More than 150 professional stamp templates
Stamp Express Self Service software

Stamp Ink

Regular stamp ink designed for Stampcreator® PRO System
Fast drying even on coated paper
Safety features Non-flammable (Flash point > 1500ºC/3020ºF)


11 Stamp sizes in 4 colours
Professional 600dpi print resolution
Pre-inked (no separate ink pad) to give a sharp, dry and crisp image every time
Virtually permanent with proper re-inking stamps will last for 50,000 impressions

Stamp Surface

Micro raised image always give the same consistent image
Real, durable rubber
Smooth stamping operation
Micro-porous control gives the same amount of ink transfer every time

Interior Features

Re-inking is quick, clean and easy
Available in: Black (Model no PRINKB), Red (Model no PRINKR), Blue (Model no PRINKE) and Green (Model no PRINKG)

Xenon Lamp

Easily replaceable unit for periodic maintenance
Create approximately 2,000 stamps per unit

Positive Master Creation

New printing cartridge to create 150 stamps 150 draft sheets


Weight 9kg

Operating System Interface

Microsoft Windows / USB port

What's in the Box

Included accessories may differ from the list below depending on the machine model you purchased. For more details on included accessories, refer to the Quick Reference Guide.

The SC-2000USB StampCreator Pro System ships with the following:

  • Draft Sheet Holder Magazine
  • Draft Set for creation of up to 150 Stamps
  • 5 Stamps
  • CD-Rom Software
  • USB Cable
  • Serial Cable
  • Printing Head Cleaning Pen
  • Instruction Manual
  • Stamp Correction Pen


Brother offers a range of compatible consumables for the StampCreator Pro System.





Support & Downloads

At Brother, we are always at your side when it comes to supporting our products.  Click on the product link below to visit the Brother Solutions Center where you will find the latest drivers and software as well as product manuals, user guides, troubleshooting support, Frequently Asked Questions, consumable and accessory information and product specifications.

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