Safeguard your workplace with Brother labelling solutions

From offices and retail environments to industrial warehousing and educational settings, it is vital that workspaces be made safe to function once more. Clear communication of compliance measures through signage and labelling is key to a new way of working safely.

Meeting new coronavirus signage and labelling requirements

We’ve created a range of professionally designed coronavirus signage templates, suitable for a variety of work environments including social distancing stickers to download and print instantly from our label printers using our free P-touch editor software.



Queues and Collection Points

Keeping a distance has become a thing of the present, and future. Floor marking labels are essential to help develop safe distancing habits.


Learning Centres

Helping students acquire knowledge with a peace of mind by marking out individual learning spaces.


Waiting Areas

Display reminders to maintain social distance while waiting to be served. Include QR code labels for entry scanning to help in contact tracing.



High Traffic Places

Placing reminder labels to wear masks in high traffic places, such as public transport, is important to ensure the safety of commuters.


Food Establishments

Ensure the area is safe for food consumption by sanitising tables after every use. Reinforce customer safety with sanitisation labels.


Washing Areas

Print guidelines for maintaining good personal hygiene after being in contact with high touch points such as lift buttons and hand rails.



Visitor Badges

Boost building security and carry out contact tracing measures with ease, using clearly printed visitor badges.


Store Capacity Restriction

Manage crowd control levels in retail outlets with signage labels to limit the number of visitors at a time, or when necessary.


Restriction Notice

Put up restriction notice labels in closely monitored facilities to keep out unauthorised visitors.



Contactless Payment

Choose contactless payment as the preferred method for a seamless, quicker and safer mode of transaction for both employees and customers.


Contactless Delivery

Reduce transmission risk by encouraging recipients to opt in for contactless delivery.


Contactless Greeting

Welcome your guests in the new norm with contactless greeting. Put up labels to let visitors know contactless greeting is official business.

A practical labelling solution for workplace safety

Offering clear, legible text, as well as striking graphics, icons and barcodes, our label printers provide the ability to produce custom labels at a high quality, signage and identification labels with speed and ease. Combined with our free P-touch editor software and Brother iPrint&Label app, creating custom labels that include company logos, visitor information and other signage instruction labels could not be easier.

P-touch Label Printers

Offering clear, legible text, as well as striking graphics, icons and barcodes, our label printers provide the ability to produce bespoke labels at a high quality, signage and asset identification labels with speed and ease. Combined with our free P-touch editor software and iPrint&Label app, creating custom signage that includes company logos, employee names and other detailed information is easy.


QL Label Printers

Brother’s QL label printers are compact desktop devices that fit easily into any environment for printing paper adhesive labels.Our range of QL label printers are perfect for generating both temporary and long-term, high volume custom signage, while our P-touch label printers can be used to easily create durable laminated labels for social distancing instructional and identification labelling.

Brother Design&Print Mobile App

Mobile Labelling Apps

Brother iPrint&Label is a free app for printing labels from your compatible smart device to a compatible Brother label printer using your wireless network. Convenient and easy to use, the app will automatically search for supported Brother devices on your wireless network.

Brother P-touch Design&Print is a free app that enables you to design and print labels from your smartphone/tablet to Brother Bluetooth compatible label printers.

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